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Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

hi everyone im joyce and happy to be here i love psp and scrapping. smiley

WOW! 3 years? Really? Has it been that long? I remember when it first came online, time goes so fast!
I think the whole concept of this site is unique. Bravo.
I have been involved with Art my whole life, and now do a lot of mixed media/altered art that finds its way into my digital art business (Outside The Box Design Studio). I enjoy stopping by here to see what ya'll are up to!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Howdy from the mountains of Tennessee! I found Pixel Scrapper a few months back and find myself returning to it time & time again-- I can always find what I'm looking for. I'm a blogger, history professor, mom of 2 teens & a 20-something & happily married wife. We keep pretty busy up here-- which is why it has taken me so long to introduce myself. We are coming in to summer break though & I'm hoping to become a regular visitor to the forums!

Hello! I do mostly graphic design. I used to have my own blog design business, before it got to be too much (school + 4-5 non-paying clients per month don't mix very well). Now I make printables and do the occasional blog design. I am interested in starting digital scrapbooking and already have the software to do it (My Memories Suite). I am excited about joining Pixel Scrapper, it seems like an awesome site!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello Marisa and everyone else! I am very new to digital scrapbooking, but OMG I can't believe how nice it is to be able to make a layout anywhere and always having all my paper with me! I found your site 'by accident', but am very happy for my 'accident' smiley I live in Denmark with my family and have been a scrapper for around 8 years. I mostly make layouts that include my two children and find myself making so many more layouts now that I've discovered the wonderful world of digital scrapbooking! Thank you so much for all the great work you put into this community, Marisa!

My name is Charlene; I'm 47 and live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I found Pixel Scrapper a few months ago I think, from a link, to a link, which linked me here! I'm an avid card-maker, not a scrapbooker but have become addicted to digi papers, etc. I tend to lean more towards hybrid cards these days, but always leaving the image to colour, and usually with my favourite medium which is prismacolour pencils. For me, this is the most relaxing part of the craft.

I'm single (divorced for 13 years) and have lots of time to enjoy my cards. I love to learn and am addicted to learning new techniques and tools. From a thread I was reading here on the weekend, I went out and bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet (soooooo cool!!!!) With the tablet came PSE10, so that is my latest addiction! Although I am thankful for my job (i.e. paycheque), I could easily spend all my time learning and crafting!!

I'm so excited to have found this site. Marisa and Jordan - all the work you do with the designs and kits themselves, to improvements to the site, to streamlining processes . . . all I can say is wow! Thanks so much to everyone on this forum for being so open to sharing ideas, tips, links and your own personal styles and designs. I have learned so much here and look forward to spending many, many more hours here! hugs to all.

P.S. I hang out at . I post all my cards on my blog and although I use the PS kits on some, I don't do scrapbook layouts so not able to upload to the gallery here. I love visiting the gallery though, as it inspires me in my card-making. There are so many very, very talented people on this site!!

Hello! My name is Olivia, though I go by Liv. I am a mother to two grown women that will always be my babies, 4 grandchildren, and 1.5 great grandchildren. I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, USA then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, USA about 22 years ago. I left the paper scrapping world behind when I found digital! Wish I had found it sooner because I have a fully stocked, scrapbooking studio that I will not put a dollar figure on because it would make me sick! Soon after I started digital scrapping, I started making some little odds and ends for my layouts and I gave those away on my blog ( ). I started designing for a digital shop about 3 years ago, but the actual business has never really taken off smiley but that is okay as I am having a great time with it! smiley I have had over 60,000 visitors to my blog, picking up the freebies that I still offer, and have met some wonderful people through it and my designing. True scrapbookers and artist are a very loving and giving community and I am so pleased to be a part of it and now part of Pixel Scrapper! Thanks for having me guys! Hope to scrounge up some time to hang out here once in a while!

Welcome everybody! Thanks for saying hi, and have fun on the forum!

I think I have already done this but got an alert at the top of the page saying I haven't so I guess here I go.
I am a stay at home of 4 with one more on the way. I LOVE anything that has to to with paper crafting and I am usually getting lost in something that has to do with it..I have even gotten my 4 kids to get into it so we have something we can do together smiley
So I guess that is me in a nutshell smiley

Hi - I'm Dee and I live in Minnesota. I started digital scrapping about 10 years ago but have been on hiatus for quite some time now as I found I spent all my days and nights scrapping or learning new digital techniques. I felt guilty about not doing more "Mom things" with my three girls. Now that my girls are all teenagers, I've feel myself gravitating towards getting started up again - definitely feeling the pull. When they are all doing their techie things, I can have my "ME" time. I love how digital scrapbooking has evolved over the years --so many talented scrappers and designers out there. Hopefully one day I can say that about me...

@Dee: Thank you so much for introducing yourself again. I am so sooooooo glad that it worked now smiley You will see, now that you are spending lots of time digiscrapping, your skills will grow very fast. And, if you want to give a try at desigining, we have three ways here: The blog train, the pixel scrappers colab and the May element a day challenge. There are lots of people starting designing with them.

@Lucy, Welcome! don´t forget to check our profile expectations smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi I am Sue, I am using a nom de plume so I don't have the same id everywhere. I design scrapbook resources and card making resources. I love all kinds of crafts and have a house full of hoarded craft materials. I like digital work because it helps keep my hoarding to my 6x6 inch ex hard drives instead of cupboards and boxes. I have not seen this site before, although i have lurked the digital scrapbook market for many years now. Seems you can always learn something.
I live in Wales Uk, at the top of a mountain overlooking the Brecon Beacons. I am the proud owner of one very useful husband( I am sure he will not mind me saying that) I have3 children all grown and living their lives, one adorable grandson, one cat one dog and a coop that is empty of chickens (which is soon to be fixed).
Helloo everyone.

Hi there, I am Lydell. I visited here quite some time ago and downloaded some great free things, which I was just looking through today. Because Marisa's name is clearly on each file, I thought I would google her name and find her designs again! And Look at this great website.
I love the idea of how she run's this, and her work ethos is admirable. Totally makes me want to be part of this community. Hopefully time permits. I have a DH (who is also very useful it!!! LOL) and 3 little people, who keep me busy. I am from Australia. I run a challenge site, The Color Room and design for a couple of wonderful companies, which keeps me creating and constantly without time!!! But I love it. Very happy to have found this site today! smiley

Welcome ladies

Sue, you introduction made me laugh a lot XD my hubby is also very useful, as he is a professional designer, lol.

Lydell, I´ve already heard about "The color room" before. Maybe I joined 1 or 2 challenges when I was a cardmaker... I need to go back there and check how it is now...

LOL...that would be very useful (professional designer!!! very cool!) Love that you have heard of TCR BTW. smiley (That made my day!!!)

Hi everybody!
I am from South Africa! I live in Pretoria (the capital city) and I am currently a final year Industrial Engineering student! I only recently came across digital scrapping and I am hooked! I guess I used to do it in my own little way by making custom birthday cards for my friends (I LOVE BIRTHDAYS)
I love art (drawing) and design. I do love crafts but find digital scrapping to be a great way for me to have a bit of creative release without spending too long on a project. Now that I'm making my own elements and using your amazing tutorials I also have a nice break in between studying!
Thank you for creating this amazing community, Marisa - looking forward to being a part of it and donating (when I eventually stop studying because I'm going to do my honors degree next year)
Hope to get to know you all better!

Hello all!
I am Nica from Chicago! I recently found this website when looking for different patterns.
I have a short experience in graphic design. I began many years ago as a teenager, my first projects being the dolls that were so popular way back when, using microsoft paint! haha.
I then moved on to designing pages for social sites, such as myspace, and even made my own websites, in which i moved into the realm of Paint Shop Pro, (using almost every edition) and then finally, I have adapted to Photoshop.
I haven't been as savy is design and HTML as I was when I was younger (mainly because of time constraints) but having a daughter definitely opens that door again for me to put on my crafty hat, as I would love to begin scrapbooking for her, along with other projects that I plan to take on.

I am hoping to become more skilled than ever, more creative, and maintain a consistency when it comes to the frequency in which I am creating something (: and I would also like to finish things!

Hope to meet some inspiring people and learn a few tricks here and there.

(: Ciao Bella!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello! My name is Leah. My sister and I own The Posh Peach, an internet-based clothing boutique out of Georgia. I found Pixel Scrapper while working on my own blog, "Petals & Pencils", for my classroom. By day I am a third grade teacher. I use the digital scrapbooking to create graphics for the blog and our website, I enjoy all the assets and papers you offer! Thanks so much for all your creativity.

Hi there

I'm new here and just wanted to say hi smiley My name is Lilian Hansen and i love all about Digital Scrapbooking...

And now i'm off to surf around in this awesome place smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello everyone! I just found your website through a friend of mine, a fellow scrapbooker! What a beautiful site, and lovely items, too. I live in
Reno, Nevada now, but am a native Idahoan. I have been scrap booking since 2002, so for 11 years now! WOW!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi! My name is Ashley, and I am from Texas! I have 2 kids, DD is 7, and DS is 1. I'm a early childhood teacher (writing this during conference period, in fact!). I LOVE scrapbooking, but I always hated dragging everything out, making such a mess, then having to put everything away and store it. I discovered digital scrapbooking when my daughter was little, and I could no longer scrap during the day because of the mess and chaos with scrapbooking supplies and a toddler. I'm absolutely hooked! I haven't been in the forums much, but from what I've seen, I'm learning already!

Hi everybody!
I am not sure, but it seems very familiar all this, so maybe this is my second introduction LOL!
Beeing a rather new designer of scrapkits, I love to see all the templates and tools to use!
Thanks for this opportunaty!
Living in the Netherlands my English will be sometimes not that good, sorry smiley

Hope to be able to show some Layouts I made with my designs.

Nice to see you here Els.