Blog Train Regulations (UPDATED 4/2018)

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@Catherine: We're kind of in the middle of rebranding, but I put a temporary one up here if you want.

@Marisa: Very cool, thank you!

Thank you, Marisa! And thank you, Catherine, for asking about it!

can I participate with my FB page? I don't have a blog anymore.

Marissa, I am not sure if my comment is correct on Pinterest, here is mine, can you add me, please?

@Karen I don't have a blog or a FB page. I simply use mediafire and I participate in the trains. I don't think it really matters, just as long as there is a place for people to download your portion for free.

That's amazing Christina, thanks so much

You're welcome! smiley

@Karen: It seems like I had already invited you. This link should also work:

Yes, you are right, I participated before, LOL...thanks so much.

Just updated the blog train logo, if you want the new one!

Thank you, Marisa! Looks good!

Yes, thank you!