Blog Train Regulations (UPDATED 4/2018)

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@Catherine: We're kind of in the middle of rebranding, but I put a temporary one up here if you want.

@Marisa: Very cool, thank you!

Thank you, Marisa! And thank you, Catherine, for asking about it!

can I participate with my FB page? I don't have a blog anymore.

Marissa, I am not sure if my comment is correct on Pinterest, here is mine, can you add me, please?

@Karen I don't have a blog or a FB page. I simply use mediafire and I participate in the trains. I don't think it really matters, just as long as there is a place for people to download your portion for free.

That's amazing Christina, thanks so much

You're welcome! smiley

@Karen: It seems like I had already invited you. This link should also work:

Yes, you are right, I participated before, LOL...thanks so much.

Just updated the blog train logo, if you want the new one!

Thank you, Marisa! Looks good!

Yes, thank you!

When will the new working topics and palettes be added for March, April and May? Thanks so much!

@Jen: I'm just back from winter holidays and getting my act together. I'm working on March right now and thinking about months after that. So hopefully soon!

Thanks @Marisa -- I'm just not yet familiar with the schedule. No pressure!

I'm usually more ahead than I am right now!

read and understood.

one question - is it okay if i participate to use my design name in the file name? i've gone by Stormlight Designs for going on 20 years now so i usually either put "RubySD" or "SD" in all my file names.

@Ruby: That should be fine.