Forum Guidelines: read before posting!

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Forum Guidelines: read before posting!

Welcome to the forums: we're glad to have you here!

Just a few quick guidelines, BEFORE YOU POST:

1. Read our profile expectations and follow them through.

2. Introduce yourself by replying in the Introduce Yourself thread before posting anywhere else: we want to know who you are!

3. Read through the front page of forum posts (at least) to make sure that no one has already started the topic you are interested in. In general, it's a good idea to spend some time reading in the forums before posting your first new topic.

You can search the forums by using the tip posted here.

4. Please post in the correct forum. We like to keep our discussions organized and on-topic. So please don't post a support request in the general discussion forum, or vice versa.

5. Please use descriptive post titles and avoid using ALL CAPS.

6. Please do not FLOOD the forums with tons of posts within a short time. Try to comment appropriately and constructively.

7. Please use bold, italic, underline, and other formatting options responsibly. Everyone wants to be heard, but it hurts readability if we all make our posts ALL CAPS or all bold, and it doesn't help anyone in the long run.

Posts that do not honor these guidelines may be removed. Thanks for your understanding!

Is it ok for us to post links to other websites with goodies or tutorials or products that may help someone looking for something particular? I just wanted to know for future situations that might arise. I don't want to break a rule because I'm ignorant of it, but I couldn't find anything about this after looking around for the last 10 or 15 minutes. smiley TIA for your input!

@Shawna: Yes, of course! I don't want to be an island without bridges!

awesome! great to know for the future... sometimes i find really awesome stuff and like to share when I'm excited to... like maybe genealogy article links or maybe video tutorials like you shared. I really love those as I'm a "visual, auditory, & kinesthetic" combined type learner. I have to see it, hear it, & touch it!!! I do a tad better with kinesthetic than the other two, but am at my best when I have at least two sources of learning activated. So the videos are most AWESOME because they allow me to see, hear, & do in PSCS (by imitation) smiley

Am I weird for being that way? I wish I would've know that in high school and college, I would've probably been considered a genius instead of just slightly above average. LoL It's amazing the acceleration of teaching styles the past 10 years due to these types of discoveries and ones ability to progress when they know these type of things about themselves. Takes away so much frustration. Sorry I got off topic there, didn't I? hee, hee

No problem! I know people like different things, that's why when I'm feeling most motivated I try and do a text and video tutorial. I prefer text tutorials usually because I'm too lazy to plug in my headphones and most people when making a video talk too much. I want them to get to the point! Haha.

that's sooooo funny! i don't know how mannnnnny times i've actually talked to the screen and said "OK we get your point, move ON!" smiley

LOL! This make a good new topic! I am opening this now smiley

I have to say that I love the "island without bridges" statement! It seems like so many digiscrap sites prefer it that way.

I love the "Island without bridges" Statement as well! Says it all smiley
I'm glad to have found this site ... I started getting into digital scraping about a year ago and I've gotta say, I think I do better with digital than I do with paper scraping!! LOL .... I've already posted in the "Meet" section, and once in the weekly challenge cutouts ... I'm excited to try that technique ... I had no idea I could do that!!!
Well off to go through the forum!

Love the island without bridges comment. This site is amazing and too good not to share.

Totally agree! Love the "Island without bridges" phrase. smiley

This is so good to know smiley not all digi-sites let us give links to other sites or tut´s You Rock Marisa

Island without bridges .... Sounds like a good scrap or word art theme smiley

Totally agree

Understood, thank you! smiley

Good to know thanks!! smiley

I'm impressed with the quality of the kits available for download, beautiful and very easy to combine with each other

I have read and will post appropriately.

Read and understood smiley

Are we allowed to promote our own websites in any way!

Hello Angela, is a community, and not a promotion tool. We expect to create a trusting, real-life like enviroment. If you are with your friends in a holiday, it´s ok to bring your Avon catalogue to sell to the girls while drinking tea. It´s not ok, however, to arrive to someone else´s house with three bags of stuff to sell, take all the snacks people are eating away from the main table, put all your stuff to sell there, and keep interrupting people´s conversation to ask if they already saw all your stuff and beg to them to try the stuff out to see if they fit... We hope our users behave like they would behave in a friends´meeting in real life, not like salespeople on a high-impact sales meeting, and use the forums to have fun and interact - if they find costumers along the way, it´s a happy bonus of the network process. This being said:

  • You can anounce your freebies the freebie forum, following the freebie guidelines (they´re simple, please read before posting and remember not to post freebies or freebie previews in the gallery, because it may get the newcomers confused about who are the desingers;
  • You can check ISO and Special Requests under Digital Scrapbook Discussion forum; they all have an ISO in the beginning of the title, so hitting control+f and typing ISO will show you then in them in the majority of the browsers. If you have something that attend the requirements of that topic in your store, you can post the preview and link to your store - It´s better if you post a link direct to the product.
  • If you make digital scrapbook tutorials, you´re free to add them on software specific questions forum. Please look through the forum to see if there´s a topic about the tut subject before posting, and, if it didn´t exist, open a new one starting with the name of the software/tool used in the tutorial.
  • If you are the owner of a collaborative store and need more designers, post your call here. If you are a designer and need CT (creative team) members, post your call here.
  • You are allowed to link to the product you used to make a layout, in the description field of the gallery. It´s a subtle, but very effective digiscrapping marketing action - or a way to say a subtle thank you for a designer you like.
  • You are allowed to put links to your store, newsletter and social media on the specific boxes for that on your profile.
  • Some ads may be post to Chit Chat forum, if you are active in the community not just to anounce your stuff. But the adds need be very occasional. They need to be about something really worthy and you need to post with a long space between adds. To it, use common sense, and put yourself on the community member´s view: Will the other think that you are making a good thing to him because the opportunity is amazing and you pointed that, or he/she will think you´re an annoying person who is here only to sell your business but without giving anything back? If the other users respect you because you´re a kind, active, helpful member, they´ll be more inclined to click on your link smiley

In any of the cases below, please, do not "flood" the chat answering dozen posts on a same forum in a row or opening lots of new topics in the same day. You won´t win more attention with it, and it can get the opposite effect than the one you wanted...

Also, please don´t treat this reply as a full set of immutable rules. This is my view on your question, and there are no official advertising guidelines because we still don´t need it. But they may appear someday if the owners of the site feel that there are users abusing...

I think I have finally found a forum I could enjoy. smiley

so far, i'm really enjoying this site..the rules are simple and not complicated...thank you!

I agree with Shawna Adkerson, regarding videos (she called it PSCS). Although I'm not sure what PSCS is, I often use videos to learn new skills. It's great when you can find a tutorial at YouTube or another free video site, and learn exactly how to make a sewing project or cake decorating project step by step. What I will often do is watch it once straight through (making a note of ingredients or supplies that are needed). Then once I am ready to start, I watch a section at a time, pause the video and do that part, then watch the next bit, etc etc etc.

With digital scrapbooking, sometimes I have to learn to do something new in Photoshop, in order to get the look or effect that I want, or to customize an element with my own style. Fortunately there are absolutely TONS of great free tutorial videos out there. I just Google my question (for example: how to create grungy overlay in photoshop), and voila!

I have read & understood. Thank you. smiley


I also think I do better with digital, than paper scrapping. From the beginning I have liked scrapbooking for being forgiving - not so great with measuring, I considered myself an inferior crafter and certainly not a good card maker. Digital is even more forgiving and because you can't really stuff it up - I am finding this year I am needing to build conscious bridges back into paper crafting, to get some balance. I want my boxes of 'real' photos and memorabilia used constructively - not just scanned and still sitting there, wanting a creative expression. Glad to know I am not so weird LOL!


I love the island without bridges analogy

I have often felt a little awkward sharing my creations that did not feature pixelscrapper content, (usually because they were created to meet the very restrictive guidelines of another digiscrap community I partake in) but I have learned that there is freedom to share here - just because I am pleased with or excited about something I have made. The open to share 'member' gallery is something I appreciate very much.

Great Guidelines - helping us to manage these things in a respectful way.

Well, I'm in, too! Love the "Island without Bridges" statement. smiley

read and understood smiley

This was very helpful. Thanks for all of the good information.

Read and Agreed! smiley

I read and understood.
Thank you.