Jan 2021 DC Color Qi: Marigold Orange #

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I only have PSE. I'd to participate with the following pallet with a birthday kit. Can someone gamut check the palette for me?

Oh well! It may be out of gamut...but here is the birthday mini:

Download link on my Facebook

Thank you so much. I’ll try that next time.

@Karin Perry: So excited about your kit! smiley Thank you for playing along.
@Tricia Ptktj: What a fabulous kit, Tricia, love it. Thank you for joining in! smiley

Beautiful work everyone!!

I loved your yellow Bina! So I used it in a bundle which is set to publish Jan 27th. smiley Thanks for all the inspiration!

@Jessica Dunn:Oh, you have taken that yellow right where it belongs, Jessica. Fabulous sneak peak, I am all ready to play.
Many thanks for playing along! smiley

wow! you are all amzing, love what you've done with that color... cant wait to see what you do next month!!! smiley

How can we download these amazing kits?? Or are they bot for download?

@Stephanie McNelly: Most of them are actually here at PS smiley

@Rachel Martin: It is such a great kit, Rachel.

If anyone wanted my Snow Day mini, I've finally got my blog up and live. Took a lot longer than I'd planned but things are finally back on track. The link is now in my profile.

Thanks, Tina! I like the skates and the hat and gloves and also the papers. Cute kit!

My mini kit:

I know this is old, but that marigold jumped out and grabbed me, so I made a swatch palette...and then a set of papers...and then a mini-kit. lol I don't have quite enough Community Points, though, to upload to the Commons, so I guess I'll be back in a while.

Looks like I won't be able to upload kits to the Commons for a while, so I guess I'll just share the previews. This is literally my first attempt ever at designing, so I don't really know what I'm doing with making a preview other than to copy what I've seen. Feedback is welcome.

I thought this color palette looked pretty autumnal, so I thought it woudl be fun to take it in a spring direction for a bit of a change/challenge:

But there are some more autumn-leaning papers, too:

Sorry; I've edited this multiple times and the images either show up huge or the previews are broken. I can't figure out why they won't display at the size I've set.

Your mini kit looks adorable Rachel!
About the commons: I may be wrong, since I was away for quite a while, but I think you have to make a sort of application with the site, right here:

About licenses, hosting files, preview and a LOT of precious tips, Violet made an awesome post here:

I hope those helped! smiley

@Cintia Dhariana: Oh so beautiful, Cintia, love it. Thank you so much for playing along smiley
@Rachel Ramey: So great you found us here, Rachel. Thank you for playing along with your great kit!