Layout Challenge Rules - Updated Jan 2020

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Layout Challenge Rules - Updated Jan 2020

Basic rules:

  1. A layout may only be submitted for 1 challenge.
  2. Layouts must follow the directions of the challenge to be eligible for points and prizes.
  3. Layouts must be uploaded to the gallery to be eligible for points and prizes (get access here).
  4. Layouts can use elements from any designer (you do NOT need to use a certain % of elements), unless specifically stated in the challenge.
  5. Layouts must be tagged with the tags provided in each challenge.
  6. Challenges run for the month, unless otherwise stated.

Download Credits will be awarded on a MONTHLY basis. If you want to earn 10 download credits, you must create 8 layouts for the month's challenges and share your results in the monthly completion thread. (You can create multiple layouts for the same challenge.)

To participate you should:

  1. Upload your layout to the gallery. To get access, sign up here.
  2. Post a reply in the forums to the challenge you are entering, linking to your submitted layout.
  3. Right click on the image of your layout and choose "copy image URL." Paste this link into the image button on your forum post. Don't forget to include the link to your layout too, so people can smiley it. This is your entered layout for the challenge (see here for helpful screenshots).
  4. Be sure to check out the other submissions and leave comments and smiley .


I see there is a layout completed thread, and that Bina has already posted several LO to that thread. But she has also posted to the thread for each challenge as well. So we have to basically post our layouts twice.

Once on the challenge thread itself and once again in the completed LC thread. Is this correct?

I just to get this clarified so that I have the correct understanding. smiley

Thank you.

@Robynne: smiley You can just copy paste from the edit function of your post in the particular challenge thread, the only thing you need to do apart from that is alter the image size to 200x200.

Gotcha. Thanks Bina smiley

The important one I'll be checking for the DC at the end of the month is the completed thread. But it's nice to share your finished layout in the actual thread too, as it may help inspire others.

smiley love this Marisa! Sounds like a lot of fun!

I love the new format! Now to see what I can do...

ok thank you Marisa! smiley smiley

Than you Marisa! I think this month I will try to make some challenges, it's been a long time since I do not upload a layout and I miss it! smiley smiley

Have to say that with the new challenge rules, I am a lot more motivated to keep coming back and trying out new things!

I like how we can earn DC no matter if we "win" a challenge or not, I think it might inspire more to participate. I plan to start on a layout challenge today. I may not get 10 done before the end of the month but I will try and at least it will get me to start participating, which is the most important thing. smiley

I just have a question: those 10 points are not accumulative? I joined for two months without downloading anything (I just used my 5 points) and I only have 10 points, not 20.

DC points have not been awarded yet as of 3 May 8 AM Eastern time. I'm pretty sure thats correct. I have not received mine yet either. It's done manually by Marisa I think.


Yes, if you're looking for your April points I hope to get to them today! It is a manual process, so it's usually done during working hours, rather than on a weekend.

Thank you, Marisa, hope you are all well! smiley smiley

Is is one layout per challenge or can you do multiple pages for the one challenge if the pages are different?

AS Marisa says - If you want to earn 10 download credits, you must complete 8 challenges and share your results in the monthly completion thread.

So 8 (different) challenges means 8 layouts minimum assuming 1 LO per challenge.

BUT the skys the limit in your maximum number of layouts.

You can do as many layouts you wish to do for each challenge - as long as you do 8 different challenges at a minimum!!

Just clarifying - to get 10 credits, I need to compete at least 8 challenge layouts. If I don't complete 8 layouts, I don't need to post in the completion thread, because I won't be receiving credits anyways. Is that correct? Or is there any reason to post there if I complete less layouts?

@Teddy: No need to post in the completion thread unless you think you'll do the 8 layouts.

@Sara: I will update the rules so that you can repeat challenges with different layouts.

Thanks Marisa! I don't tend to scrap that fast, so it's one less thing on my to-do list smiley (and I still have some credits saved up from when you were doing random drawings . . . so I'm good for a while smiley )

Thank you so much Marisa! almost the month is done I'm at just 1 layout to reach my goal! smiley

Question Please - what size do we use when we upload our challenge results.

@ Lois - In the challenge thread that is stickied at the top of the forum - 200x200 pixels. This is the thread if you want to do 8 LOs and to get 10 DC points every month.

For the challenge forums themselves - those threads that are not stickied - the maximum size is 700x700 I think. I do mine at 500x500 pixels.

For the scavenger hunt can one item count for two categories? For example if i use an arrow made by melo can it count for both?

This should have been asked in the Scavenger Challenge forum but yes, doubling up is perfectly OK.

I wasn’t able to reply there i don’t remember- ??

Anyways thanks 😊

Why is the monochrome thread locked? Also i think i asked my question here because that thread was also locked at the time for some reason

Esto de los desafíos parece divertido! Llego tarde pero algo podré hacer!!! Eso me gustaría... aunque antes quiero saber si los diseños de los desafios tienen que cargarse el mismo día en que aparece el tema a seguir. Si es así, no me puedo comprometer a participar 😒

@Kuna ~ Los desafíos se realizan mes a mes. Entonces, después de que se publica un desafío, tiene hasta el final de ese mes para terminarlo. Espero haberte entendido bien. Usé Google Translate para ayudar. Lo poco que sé en español está oxidado.
Challenges are done month by month. So after a challenge is posted, you have until the end of that month to finish it. I hope I have understood you well. I used Google Translate to help. The little I know in Spanish is rusty.