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I'm only just getting started, so there are just a few papers hiding back there so far; I'm hoping to make some elements tomorrow because today's work was all about the mandala I spent two hours drawing and then making papers from it.

Holly -- I like what I'm seeing so far!

Agreed. It looks really snazzy, Holly!

Updated a tiny bit:

I still don't think I'm completely done, but this is where mine's gotten to so far; I'll probably add a couple of things yet, but the core is pretty clear now. The words started taking a hippie-ish bent, so I ran with it. smiley

Great Kits Tricia and Holly.

OK Here is what I am sharing. smiley

I was struggling with this theme, then I saw a post from Sonia that mentioned "hippy"; that struck a chord with me. I generally don't check to see what others are creating before I complete my own contribution, but I did today, and now I'm worried that I am deviating too far from the theme. Here are some patterns I've created that will be papers and used for some of the elements. PLEASE let me know honestly (and I do mean honestly) if you think I am going too far.

Dawn, I think your designs are beautiful!

Dawn, my kit's gone kind of hippy too--look up at reply #36. Bring on the trippy papers and groovy elements! My papers went more tie-dye and mandala with a couple of gradients.

Cool kit, Holly. I love the van, and I'm glad to see I'm not sailing on a far horizon. I'll continue on with what I'm doing


Dawn - if you are going too far then so am I! I'm making some funky flowers but also a couple of journal cards reflecting the line of the song which says "Someone's praying, Lord...".

Made a Bible Journal Kit with verses and named after the camp song.

Love your "Kumbaya My Lord" kit Robin.

OT: Such gorgeous designs here! Pls join us for a new, fun designer challenge

This was a fun blog train, also I learned that with bright colors I can't use shadows or styles with linear burn, I had to change it to multiply. I'm sure most of you knew that, but it took me a while to figure it out so I'm just sharing in case there are any newbies like me out there. smiley

Nice work Everyone! smiley

I'm absolutely loving this... can't wait to get my hands on these. We camp a LOT! Y'all are doing amazing! smiley smiley

Everyone did a great job. This was a fun train.

This seems even more apropo right now. I mentioned your explanation in my blog post, Robyn. Thanks for sharing about that.


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