Making a Brush Set

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Making a Brush Set

This tutorial shows how to turn shape files into a Photoshop .abr brush file.

1. Open the images you want to have in the brush file in Photoshop.

2. For each file you need to do this: edit -> define brush preset. Give the brush a name and say "ok."

3. Once you have done this for all the shapes you want included. Select your brush tool (b). In the menu that now appears, you want to look for the preset manager:

4. The preset manager will show all the brushes you currently have loaded. Select the ones you just made (click on the first one, hold down shift, click on the last one). The click "save set" and select where you want to save the file.

5. Finished! Now you can load that brush set whenever you want.

Learn how to load your brushes in Photoshop here.

Hey... if you keep this up, you are gonna make me rich! I have been wanting to make brush sets for my store for some time, but couldn't face learning the hard way (=trial&error). But now I'm ready - I'm gonna name my "first born" after you!


Thank you for the brush tutorial.

@Trine: Haha! Thanks. I look forward to it. smiley

Thanks Marisa for all you make for us. I use plenty of your patterns, cu and so on. You are great !

Great tut. You may want to consider a tutorial on how to install brushes, where to find them, and backing up what you make.

wow, thank you so much - always wondered how this was done

I LOVE making brushes! I have made alot of my own.

@Judy S: Adding brushes tutorial here. I should link it up though to this tutorial.

I am going to go try this right now!

Thanks Marisa!!! I'm going to try it.

Great text and pics! Easy to understand. Thanks for another great tutorial!

Great tutorial...will try to make my own brushes soon...I guess there will be some nice results out of my flower photos. Thanks for the explanations.

I've always wondered how to do this. Thanks. smiley

Great tutorial. I'm going to try it immediately. Thanks.

WOW, you make Photoshop so simple, I have wanted to lear this for a long time!

One of my favorite tools~ brushes
Thanks for the info!!

gracias muy interesante . tendré que ponerlo en practica smiley

Thanks for sharing this! Your tutorials are so easy to follow.

many thanks >.<

Thank you for your great tutorials!

Thank you so much!!! smiley

I know how to load them, know how to make them, now if only I could know how the heck to use them! PSE has such a steep learning curve!

thank you so much!!!!

Thank you for the brush set tutorial.

Thank you for explaining this. I know how to use them but have never known how to make my own. Now I can custom make some for myself. These instructions are so easy to understand. Thanks!

Ready to try, thanks! smiley

Looove this!!! Thanks so much!!

Thanks Marisa!

thank you Marisa - you have simplified my creativity so much - I am so thankful I found your wonderful site - very informative and super easy tutorials to follow along with and I have learned so much in such a short time - can't thank you enough!

thanks for this tutorial. I love making new brushes. smiley