Making a Polka Dot Pattern, video

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Making a Polka Dot Pattern, video

This video tutorial will show you how to make 2 kinds of polka dot patterns in Photoshop.

EDIT: After making this tutorial, an easier method was pointed out to me, so you can check that out too.

Great tutorial! I never imagine it was so easy.

I enjoyed your video. Easy to understand - your teaching skills are showing! I prefer the alternating polka dots, they are always so pretty with anything.

@Sunny: haha! shhh, don't tell my mom (both my parents are life long educators).

Hi Marisa,

Not to rain on your parade, but i found a tutorial a while ago which explained an even faster way to arrange your dots... using the offset filter. If your interested, take a look:

Oh, and btw, this makes it unnecessary to find the exact middle (or quarter) of your polka dot! Heaven!

Well, that looks really excellent! Now I don't have to do all the complicated arithmetic! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the great tutorial (and the link to the 'easier' method too) - I'll try them out and see which one my brain prefers smiley

I discovered I had an offset option in PSP last night. I have been doing this the long way for forever. I made a really cute paper last night (I think it's cute lol). I don't know how to openly share it, but I can post it here I think.


Cool! Thanks for sharing!

@Renee That is really cute! Thank you for sharing!

It IS really cute~! Thanks for sharing indeed

Dear Melouise,

Thank you so much for the link! I have just managed to create my first "thing" in Photoshop Elements. smiley Probably not worth an Oscar but I am so proud lol...There are plenty of tutorials on that side and for me as a super newbie its great that experts like you share their knowledge! So big thank you from Spain! smiley

Thank you!
I was much more complicated. You do not know how to help me.


wow fab neded that help xxx

I wonder if anyone knew how to make the offset filter behave itself. Sometimes I have to try several times to get it to work correctly and I don't know what I am doing wrong!

Amazing!! this help me so much, thanks!

Thank you for the tutorial and for the Link

This is amazing and really the fastest way to create polkadot pattern smiley I used to use ruler and it's quite take time to create it. Thanks for this, Marisa. Really appreciate it! smiley

So awesome, no more stamping individual dots.

Another awesome tutorial. I am always amazed about how much I don't know.

Why are there just big X's on the replies etc. where there should be a photo. On this one I can't see Marisa's reference to her video tutorial or Renee's paper she created. It is like that all over the forum for me. Does any body know what it could be?

Thanks for the video tut and link!

Thank you so much for the second tutorial for the repeating dots paper. I easily found my grid in PSP and, with a little editing on my part, now have a pattern for repeating dots. Cool!

very nice tutorial - actually tutorials (with the 's') as you showed two different ways to do this - pretty darn cool! thank you

Wow, excellent tutorials, both ways are great, thank you smiley I would like to ask something please... If I wanto make different coloured polka dots, is there another way or should I do this, but color dye dots before filling the paper? I tried clicking on the dots individually, but each time all dots get filled with same color, now I'm baffled

When using the paint can, you want to click "contiguous" which will only color what is "touching." See here or here for more details.

A MILLION THANK YOU's Marisa smiley I'm soooo happy now about what you just told me, thank you, thank you, thank you. Earlier today I wanted to make glitter dots in 4 shades and eventually got there, but it took more than an hour - crazy hey! I did it in 4 layers and then deleted the dots from each layer as needed only to have the correct ones left over... painfully slow and baffeling that was. I can only laugh now at my l-o-n-g way and trust me, I'm so very grateful for how you just helped me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to be able to make another one now within a few minutes haha.

Polka dots make me so happy!! Thanks for all of your information.

Thanks For The Tutorial Marisa.. Very Helpful!!

This is great! Thanks girl!