Posting images/photos in the forums

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Posting images/photos in the forums

Some of you have asked how you can share images in the forums. Like this:

Here's how you do it.

If the image you want to post is not already online, upload it to an image hosting service. One that is good, free, and super easy to use is You don't even need to register to use it. Another good option is Flickr's free service. You could also use something like Dropbox, but it's best to use a service that will automatically resize your image for you, so it will fit nicely in the forum space.

The next step is to grab the url of the image you just uploaded. Like I've said, you want to make sure that the image you're posting isn't too big to fit in the forum space (which is 700 pixels wide). On imgur, the "large thumbnail" size works well:

You can often get the url simply by right-clicking on an image and selecting "Copy image URL" from the drop-down menu. In imgur you can get the URL by selecting and copying the "Direct Link" text (Right-click on the text and select "copy", or use Ctrl-C):

Finally, you want to click on the "insert image" icon above your forum post, and paste the URL of the image (right-click and select "paste" from the drop-down, or use Ctrl-V):

Then just hit okay. If your image is really big, and won't fit in the space, you can use the "width x height" fields to make it fit... something like 700 x 525 will work well for photos.

Posting from Flickr

To post from flickr you can just use the share tab, then select "BBCode" and an image around 500px will fit fine in the forums:

Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted to know.

Thank you Jordan! I too needed these instructions! Thank you too for the screenshots!

Awesome! Thanks so much!

thanks for this smiley

Thanks for helpful tips- I use Photobucket, do I need to do anything different?

Michelle: Photobucket should work fine. Does it automatically create different size images from your photos (eg small, medium, large)? If so, you'll just want to experiment with what image size fits best in the forums.

I use Photobucket, too. Can't wait to find out how it works for you, Michelle.

Thanks for the info smiley

Photobucket is great. If you resize your file to 600X600 pixels before you upload it to Photobucket, it should fit in the forum perfectly.

Thanks for the information

I use photobucket too for sites that do not have the option to load and image directly from my computer files. It doesn't matter which method I use, I always save a file to a 600 x 600 size as most sites require that. Thanks for the hints on the other file saving sites.

I think I will go and give IMGUR a try - that one is new to me. I normally use Photobucket, but it would be nice to find something fast and easy.


i really liked it the night i had to send Jordan a couple screen shots to explain a problem... i just "drag & dropped" it to the spot on the front page, it went to the page with the image and i copied and pasted the address into the message i posted him here and whoa-la!

Hi Jordan! May I have access to the Gallery? Thank you.....


@Sunny: If you mean so you can post layouts... Add yourself to this post about the gallery being open now, so they will add you to the list of those waiting?
If you mean you can't even get in to see layouts, you might want to post in the support forum here so he sees it quicker.

Thanks for the quick tutorial!

Okay, so I am going to have to learn a different way to post. Most of the forums I have been in you post first to a gallery and then to the forum. Not to worry, will figure it out.

If you want to post a layout, you can post from our gallery, here's a tutorial for that. But first you need to apply for access to the gallery:

Thanks for the great info. I'm sure I'll be back here again everytime! I tend to post stuff late at night and sometimes the brain gets a little fuzzy. Good to know it'll be here to help me out. Looking forward to doing some challenges.

Thanks so much for posting this. I've never done anything like it and have a feeling for the first couple of times that I upload photos I'll need to refer back to this. smiley

very helpful! thank you, Jordan! (and that is a really great picture you posted) smiley

Just tried imgur and it seems to work great, thanks for the link and precise instructions... they were really helpful and now I'm off to try posting a pic of my dog int he furbabies thread. Thanks again.

thanks for this info, I was wondering just yesterday how to upload photos smiley

I am a new member on this site and still confused with the rules in here.

Jordan, thanks for the information you gave. it really helped me

Thankyou so much for the information. I am excited about trying it out

Thank you! I guess I need to recover my password from flickr now LOL

Thankyou, going to try this!!

Oh, thank you so much! I always get confused as to which link to use.

Thanks, Jordan. You may have just inspired me to finally upload and share.

Thanks Jordan, I needed this! smiley