What is digital scrapbooking?

For a more thorough explanation, check out our article What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking is a great way to preserve memories, exercise your creativity and learn new skills. It involves using an image-editing program like Photoshop Elements or PaintShop Pro to create a digital layout which you can admire on your computer, or print out. It can be as simple as adding your photo to a quick page, or as complex as designing your own papers and elements to complement a favorite photo.

Digital scrapbooking is enjoyed by all sorts of people from all over the world. Read through some responses to our Introduce Yourself forum, and you’ll see this pretty quickly. Some people come from paper scrapbooking backgrounds, while others jump right into digital. Some love the creative aspect, while others find the technical side to be a welcome change from regular crafting skills. Everyone loves the “undo” button.

There are so many methods and styles for digital scrapbooking, it’s hard to tell someone where to begin. I would suggest looking through the forums to get an idea of what people are doing; check out the tutorials forum while you're at it. If you find someone or something that seems like a good path for you, don’t be afraid to leave them a comment in the forums asking for more advice. The DigitalScrapbook.com community is friendly and quick to answer questions and offer advice.

Hopefully in the future we will have more help for beginners, but for now you can help us by telling us what you need. Please leave a comment in our Feature Requests forum with any ideas.