May 2015

June 2015 Blog Train - England

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 06/01/2015 - 00:20

What an exciting blog train we have this month! The only problem is that now I need to plan a trip to London!

Obviously I couldn't not just let this theme stand with just a little mini kit for you, so I have this wonderful bundle for you as well!

Gallery Spotlight: May 2015

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 05/27/2015 - 07:03

As always, it's been an amazing month in the gallery. Did you see these amazing layouts?

By Marina
▲ By Marina

New Bundle: The States

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 05/25/2015 - 08:00

I don't know if you have any summer travel plans, but I plan to venture out a little, a least around Oregon. And if you're traveling stateside, this bundle may be of some use to you! It coordinates with my earlier World Traveler bundle, so if you're looking for something that does not have a state on it, you should check that out.

Pockets In Real Life: School Days Edition

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 05/22/2015 - 00:00

After the success of my first pocket album, I've been busy working on a few more. It's been a much more rewarding process redoing all these old scrapbooks than I was expecting. For one thing, I'm really excited to actually look at them myself and show them to people, rather than hiding them in a dark corner. Also, working with the old photos has been really enjoyable and it's made me reconsider my previous stance of considering a project "done".

New Collaboration: Good Day

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 05/20/2015 - 08:03

The other designers and I have been working on a fun collaboration, and today is the day to share it with you! The colors are divine and I'm sure you'll find something to love. We're hoping to do more collaborations in the future, so let us know what you like!

April Everyday Prompts

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 05/15/2015 - 00:16

In April I started a new string of layout challenges to help capture those everyday things that often slip by unnoticed. I had a good time completing these challenges, so I'm continuing on with a new prompt every week. Come and join me!

Blog Link Up: May 2015

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 05/13/2015 - 00:00

I've been playing around with different topics for everyone to share a little something here with a blog link up. I thought I might simplify things a little for myself and also give you a better idea of what to expect, by sticking with the same topic every month. That way you can know what's coming and plan a little if you're interested in this kind of thing.

New Bundle: Be Bold

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 05/11/2015 - 08:00

I'm really excited to share this new bundle with you today, it's a collaboration between me and Elif, and I'm pretty sure you will love it! Elif's designs are always so clean and imaginative, I'd been hoping for a while to work on something with her. Hopefully we can do it again soon!

April 2015 Pocket Pages

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 05/08/2015 - 00:25

Another month successfully completed in pockets! Clearly I'm really enjoying the pocket situation.

Week 1

New Bundle: Tooth Fairy

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 05/06/2015 - 00:34

A Wednesday special this week! These cute tooth fairy graphics were created for to fulfill one of our patron requests. I hope you enjoy the whimsical illustrations!

New Bundle: Bird Graphics

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 05/04/2015 - 07:30

Last week I mentioned that if you didn't get enough birds in my latest bundle, that I would have a bit more for you today. I hope you find me true to my word:

April 2015 In Photos

By Marisa Lerin Sat, 05/02/2015 - 05:41

I can't believe we're into May already! Looking ahead we have some busy weeks coming, so I know I've got a little more time to get things in order before it's time for some summer holidays!

The weather has slowly been creeping up on the thermometer. The windows have started opening too, and there's not much better than the sweet smelling air that drifts in. My clothes are getting lighter and sometimes my tea is iced. Summer here we come!