March 2015

New Bundle: That Photo Life

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 03/30/2015 - 08:00

I let the tail of the cat out of the bag on Friday with a mood board sneak peek, and I'm pretty excited to share the rest of it with you now. Black & White & Bright is basically my life motto, so I'm pleased to have a bundle just for me now. And of course to share with you!

Sneak Peek Mood Board: That Photo Life

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 03/27/2015 - 00:06

I think if I were a mood board, I'd be this one. I hope you like it, as you'll be seeing a bit more on Monday!


Pinterest Success Story: A Bright Mobile

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 03/25/2015 - 05:40

Sometimes, believe it or not, I do something that I see on Pinterest. I'm going to share one of those projects with you today. Mobiles, garlands, etc are quite popular these days, and I was determined to make one since there's not really a lot involved. When I saw this mobile, I knew that was the one I wanted to imitate. Then, a little bit later when I was at Michael's and saw some bright, fun, cheap wrapping paper, I knew my moment had come.

Gallery Spotlight: March 2015

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 03/23/2015 - 05:17

It's always so inspiring to look through the gallery and see what awesome things you've all been making. Here are just a few of my favorites from the last few weeks.

By Beatrice
▲ By Beatrice

Three Spring Favorites

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 03/20/2015 - 05:24

I'm not sure what to do with the fact that today I'm going to share with you some favorite bundles I made two years ago. Have I really been doing this long enough to need to call attention to some old favorites? Apparently...

Pockets In Real Life: Bolivia Edition

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 03/18/2015 - 05:22

I've mentioned before that I have a collection of paper scrapbooks that I made as a teenager, which I'm not very fond of. My grievances towards them are the following:

Blog Link Up: Inspiration Check In

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 03/16/2015 - 05:15

Do you ever feel like you're taking in more inspiration than you can handle? The internet makes it so easy to just sit back and take in more and more information, and without the conscious decision to stop and process it, things can quickly reach an overwhelming place. Several things have given me pause to consider this fact, but now I've decided to do something about it! It was really this blog post by Rachel at Citrus and Mint that gave me the push I needed.

A Photo Book: Away We Go

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 03/13/2015 - 06:34

On Monday I mentioned that I had realized I didn't have a proper travel bundle. What ultimately prompted me to remedy this was the decision to make my parents a photo book for Christmas. If you've been reading this blog or been around the site for a while, you know that I travel a lot. You may also have realized this is because when I was 12 my parents moved my family overseas, first to Bolivia and then to a few other continents. Seventeen years later they returned to settle back in the States.

Eastern Oregon: Painted Hills

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 03/11/2015 - 06:28

A few weekends ago we took a long day trip to Eastern Oregon to see the Painted Hills. Declared by some to be one of the seven wonders of Oregon, I didn't know anything about them myself, but was, as they say, along for the ride. I can confirm that the hills were indeed painted and quite lovely.

New Release: World Traveler

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 03/09/2015 - 08:00

A good chunk of my designs are travel inspired. But in the past I've tried to keep things more generic because no one really wants the travel theme interpreted 500 ways. But then I realized I don't actually have a proper travel bundle. By doing a thing too many times I ended up not doing it at all, until now...

Feeling My Most Cozy

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 03/06/2015 - 05:44

I shared earlier in the season about my new capsule wardrobe, and I thought I'd take a small minute to let you know that it's been excellent and very cozy. I've long had the dilemma of living in houses that aren't very warm, but who wants to wear a coat in the house? The answer I've found is to to wear a sweater that's secretly a coat. Mine is made with alpaca and wool, and while bulky, it's not as bulky as a coat of similar warmness would be.

Looking Back at February

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 03/04/2015 - 06:18

It's always hard to believe when the month is over, and February doesn't really help the situation by being so short. We had a very mild and enjoyable month, spring is well on it's way, which seems to be a bit unusual from reports I've heard of other places around the country. But the daffodils are up and the cherry blossoms are ready to burst out any day now. There's not much better than the arrival of spring.

New Bundle: Dates & Stuff

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 03/02/2015 - 06:22

Going through my first month of pocket style layouts gave me about a million ideas of things to make. So I have a bunch of random stuff, which I'm sure will be useful in and out of pockets.

March 2015 Blog Train

By Marisa Lerin Sun, 03/01/2015 - 00:38

What a fun month! I've been looking forward to seeing everyone's animal kits. Be sure to check out the full list here. My animal probably isn't much of a surprise if you know me. I die a small cuteness death every time I see one.