June 2015

New Today: Watercolor Fun

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 06/29/2015 - 07:54

Watercolor was a very popular request in our design request forum, and I'm not surprised since the medium seems to be enjoying a rise in popularity right now. And I'm not sad about that! Watercolor is great for adding whimsy to your layouts. I'm sure you'll find lots of uses for these beautiful brushes and papers.

Capsule Wardrobe: Spring/Summer

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 06/24/2015 - 08:07

I thought I'd do a little update on my capsule wardrobe experience. (For a little background info see here and here. For my winter capsule see here.) I'm definitely a convert to having a small and simple closet, filled only with clothes I actually wear.

New Kits: Pocket Doodle Pages

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 06/22/2015 - 08:06

Something fun and whimsical for you today. These doodle frames can be used on any layout to add a little fun.

Pockets In Real Life: Hong Kong Edition

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 06/19/2015 - 00:56

Continuing in my pursuit of pocket fun, I have another album to share with you today. (See project 1 and project 2.) My family moved to Hong Kong when I was 16 and I finished high school there. It was a pretty amazing city to live in, and defined my idea of a city. No other city has quite lived up to this since.

Victoria, Canada

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 06/17/2015 - 07:27

In May we had a great chance to go with some friends to Victoria, Canada. I had never been to Canada, and I'd been real keen to go, so I was quite excited about this opportunity. Plus, the more I heard about Victoria, the more it sounded like my kind of place. And it was really wonderful! I'm definitely hoping to go back soon.

The drive up through Washington is quite beautiful, driving along Puget Sound and then the Olympic mountains come into view. We took the ferry from Port Angeles direct to downtown Victoria, which was quite exciting.

New Bundle: Confidence Bundle

By Marisa Lerin Tue, 06/16/2015 - 11:14

Clearly I've given away that I'm a bit on vacation at the moment! When I posted Monday's post, I shared the completely wrong bundle! Ha ha. That bundle will officially be out in a month, but I do have this fun one for you now!

New Bundle: Presence

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 06/15/2015 - 08:05

EDIT: This bundle won't actually be out until July. Ha ha. See here for what's actually going on right now :).

In my 30 Things at 30 post I mentioned that lately I've been trying to focus on the little things in life, and a favorite way to try an engage this idea is through photography. This bundle reflects this idea of being present in the moment and noticing what's happening.

May 2015 in Photos

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 06/11/2015 - 07:17

May was a pretty busy month. We enjoyed the spring time. We went to Canada. My family came for a visit. I did some work somewhere in there too...

2015-05-07 09.22.14 1.jpg

New Today - June Quick Pages

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 06/08/2015 - 08:07

I've been going back and making quick pages from some of my favorite layouts. Today I have some fun spring and summer quick pages for you, great for getting some pages done quickly!

30 Things at 30

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 06/04/2015 - 01:00

Today I turn 30, and it feels like a milestone. To capture the moment, here's a snapshot of my life right now.

June 2015 Blog Train - England

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 06/01/2015 - 00:20

What an exciting blog train we have this month! The only problem is that now I need to plan a trip to London!

Obviously I couldn't not just let this theme stand with just a little mini kit for you, so I have this wonderful bundle for you as well!