September 2013

Tomorrow it's October

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/30/2013 - 17:02

The rain has stopped for about the first time in a week, and I'm wondering how long the sun will last. I guess that's life in Oregon...although I'm not really feeling an expert on that. Every time I go outside I'm still shocked that there are so many trees. And they are so green. The grass, not surprisingly, is also green and about as tall as me. Amazing what water can do.

Layout Fix #3: Making a Double Layout

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 09/26/2013 - 09:51

Today's layout was submitted by Kimmie.

This layout has lots of good things going for it. And either of these pages by themselves would be fine, however when taken together as a double layout, I think it's missing some continuity. There isn't much flow between the two pages, and since they are photos of the same event, I think you want them to blend together rather than standing apart as they are now.

Special Giveaway: Tangled Betrayals

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 09/25/2013 - 11:24

EDIT: Congrats to our random winner Meg! Brooke should be contacting you soon!

Today I have a super special giveaway for you, the novel Tangled Betrayals by Lynn Wolfe.

Set in the 1830s, a young woman travels from England to start a new life in America, trying to make peace with a lost love and the life he promised her.

New Bundle: Family Game Night

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/23/2013 - 12:25

I feel like I'm always here telling you I'm never going to make a giant bundle again, and then the next week I upload one...So I won't make any statements about this one, except to say that the excess was put to good use. I made this bundle so that I could use it to make a family heritage book for our recent family reunion. I collected photos from all my aunts and uncles, as well as a bit of journaling and I was quite pleased with how the project turned out.

Layout Fix #2: Element Placement

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 09/19/2013 - 11:49

I was going to talk a little more about Catherine's layout from last week, but she made such a nice redo herself, I thought we could let it rest.

New: Manifesto

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 09/18/2013 - 12:52 didn't just spring up as a random weekend hobby: rather, it has always had a strong foundation of intentionality. For me and Jordan this site is about more than digital scrapbooking, forums, and freebies: it's a place for us to live what we believe with regards to pursuing creative work and empowering others to do the same, with regards to generous distribution and licensing, and with regards to fostering a spirit of abundance. We believe that creativity is important, that creativity wants to be generous, and that optimism is better than pessimism if given a choice.

New Designer: Janet Scott

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/16/2013 - 10:15

We promised a new designer when we reached our first 100 subscribers, and I'm super thrilled to welcome Janet Scott to our design team here at!

Janet has been active in our community for a while, you've seen her layouts in the gallery and downloaded her parts to the blog train, and now she's here to bring you even more wonderful designs. Here's a little bio she wrote to introduce herself:

Sneak Peak & Gallery Spotlight - 9/13/2013

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 09/13/2013 - 13:27

Wonderful layouts again this week! Here are a few that caught my eye.


Young Love by Shellby
Super fun geometric background. Love the glitter accents.

Layout Fix #1: Part 1, Title & Contrast

By Marisa Lerin Thu, 09/12/2013 - 11:27

I've been thinking about layout design lately, and how to go about teaching it. It's a complicated subject since there isn't really a "right" answer, and also I don't know what I'm talking about. I have no design training and work almost entirely off of instinct, which is obviously not helpful to anyone. So I've done a little reading, and I thought perhaps a quick way to try and figure out what I'm doing when I work on a layout would be to try and "fix" someone else's.

New: Pretty Things Bundle

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/09/2013 - 11:00

I have a new super pretty bundle for you this week! Glitter and roses and little shiny bits, just what I dream of when I go to sleep!

Pretty Things Bundle

And if you're looking for something more seasonal, don't miss Brooke's new Crisp Fall Air Bundle.

Sneak Peak & Gallery Spotlight - 9/6/2013

By Marisa Lerin Fri, 09/06/2013 - 08:52

Wonderful layouts again this week! Here are a few that caught my eye.


Tucked Inside a Good Book by Cintia
I love the bold neon on the black, and some great clustering!

August 2013: The Layout Version

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 09/04/2013 - 13:30

So on top of things this month, we're not even a week into September and I've got my August layout finished! The kit I used for this layout will be coming next week!

August 2013

List Reads:

Special offer: unlimited downloading at

By Marisa Lerin Tue, 09/03/2013 - 14:58

Today I am very excited to announce the availability of an UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS subscription here at We've been testing it quietly for a few months with our early adopters, and the time has come to let everyone in on what we think is a fantastic opportunity.

Unlimited downloads for 1/2 price through September

New Bundle: Laundry

By Marisa Lerin Mon, 09/02/2013 - 14:39

Hope everyone is having a good Monday and a good Labor Day if you're celebrating. I can tell that fall is close because my Pinterest stream is full of nothing but leaves and pumpkin recipes. I'm okay with this since I actually get to enjoy fall this year, so bring on the pumpkins!